Student-Centered Design Team on the All In: Student Pathways Forward Podcast

The Student-Centered Design team’s Bri Nguyen and Natasha Bennett recently spoke about their work on the All In: Student Pathways Forward podcast, hosted by Marc Goldberg. Bri and Natasha discussed the importance of putting student voices at the center of solution design, focusing on students’ wisdom and lived experiences, and basing solutions on their interests and experiences. They also shared examples of how they have integrated student voices into their work with partner colleges. This podcast episode also featured interviews with Dray Aguirre, a student at Central Oregon Community College (COCC), and Jenni Newby and Marcus LeGrand, leaders at COCC, who spoke about how critical it is to listen to students and support them holistically.

Below is a short snippet from the podcast. Listen to the full episode here!